Admission Rules

Admission conditions:

  1. Fill up the online registration form on school’s website and add all kid’s information.
  2. The parent will be contacted via (phone / email) within 48 hours to set an appointment for the admission test.
  3. The parent will be notified of the result within 48 hours
  4. The guardian will fill up the registration form at school, present all the required documents then pay the tuition fees within 48 hours.
  5. Student card will be prepared after paying the fees.
  6. Parents are responsible about all the information given to the school upon this enrollment and will bear all the consequences if they violate the rules of the school and the Ministry of Education.

Admission Requirement:

The following requirements should be ready to present to the registrar after the entrance exam:

  • Valid National ID/Iqama of the students and parents (photocopy only).
  • Valid passprot of the students and parents (photocopy only).
  • 3 personal ID pictures.
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy only).
  • Vaccination Certificate or Medical Certificate for KG’s and Primary’s students (photocopy only).
  • All original previous report cards (authenticated from Saudi consulate if the student came from outside the kingdom).
  • Printed report from MOI (Absher) of the Iqama date of validation.