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Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing activities by AIIS students.

What is LSRW? L-S-R-W is the four skills of language learning, a set of four capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend and produce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. These skills are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. In the context of first-language acquisition, the four skills are most often acquired in the order of listening first, then speaking, then possibly reading and writing.

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Every year, AIIS community is fast growing and continuously upholding as an institution for academic excellence and innovative minds.

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user-friendly, top-rated e-learning systems

eLearning Portal

Used Platforms

LMS Student Portal

We provide an integrated complete Learning Management System to track and store students activities and grades

Google Workspace

Using high quality online classes by Google Meet and Google Classroom and many other effective application

School Website

We update website with recent news, announcements, class schedule, calendar, and all exams portions to keep the student up-to-date

Mobile Channels

Parents and the school are always in touch using many instant communication apps and SMS notifications

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